Elevat: Letting You Shop In All Sorts of Ways

Elevat has awe-inspiring ways of letting you shop. One way to shop is by artisans. When shopping by artisan, Elevat then highlights each artisan and showcases the items they sell. It’s moving to see the ways these strong artisan women are working to overcome very challenging experiences. Check it out at:


woman sewing Elevat

Elevat: The Origin Story

Listen/watch the co-founder of Elevat, Julie Johnson, as she tells about the beginning of this amazing company. Elevat strives to empower women to support themselves and their families through challenging times.

All this week we will be sharing about Elevat. We encourage you to check out their amazing business here.

Elevat woman sewing

Kate: The Woman Behind House of Talents

Kate, the woman behind House of Talents, is an inspiration. You can learn about her early years and the impact of one anthropolgy grad student on her life on the House of Talents website. As an adult, Kate went on to form House of Talents, which seeks to empower the talented poor of Ghana by providing education/training, health insurance and childcare to their participating artisans. House of Talents partners with the artisans’ communities¬† on community development projects, like building libraries. Check out Kate’s inspiring TedX Talk to learn more. While you are at the House of Talents website, make sure to check out the amazing wares. They have one of a kind candle holders (often made from recycled materials), pet goods (the cutest cat baskets), baskets, and more! Through the end of the year, shipping is free!!


Meet the Talented Artistans from House of Talents

the artisans HOT

Akwaaba and welcome. With this greeting, the Ghanaian welcomes you to their country. While their modest shops or places of work may likely never fall on your travel itinerary, in subsequent pages we are excited to present you with their pieces as if you were there in-person.

Continue reading about these amazing artisans on the House of Talents website Here.