Posted August 10, 2020

I first encountered Fair Anita’s cute, ethical jewelry and accessories at the 2018 Eau Claire Global Market, and I immediately fell in love. The designs are on par with the best-sellers I see at local retailers and online, but Fair Anita’s products are fair trade and created in ethical working conditions, where their female artisan partners earn two to three times the minimum wage, plus health insurance and educational scholarships. Even better, this Minnesota business sources all their materials in the local communities where products are handmade, giving each piece a unique look (my favorite necklace is made with metal from recycled bullet casings!). 

Fair Anita has partnered with 8,000 women in 9 countries, where amazingly cute, fair trade products are made in as eco-friendly a manner as possible. These include jewelry, bags, accessories and even masks!

What will you fall in love with? Check out their best-sellers here:

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