Posted August 2, 2020

COVID feels deeply personal. It’s making it hard to make money, get childcare, go to school, and have fun. These impacts can make it difficult to focus outside our own immediate community — our minds are full of worries about our children, parents and friends. As we plan the Eau Claire Global Market 2020 Fall Showcase, however, we’re reminded why shopping globally, and intentionally, matters so much.

It’s easy to imagine that we are the only ones dealing with these problems. Unfortunately that’s happy ignorance as countries throughout the world are struggling to deal with this new reality, many without resources to keep them safe and out of extreme poverty.

The good news is that there is something that you CAN do, right from the safety of your own home. While Christmas and the holidays are still a ways away, consider purchasing through organizations that provide a safe revenue stream for struggling artisans.

Over the next few months, we will be highlighting some of these organizations that have participated in our past Eau Claire Global Markets. Get ready to drool over beautiful items and tear up/smile over warm stories of people, just like you and me, making a difference on a very large scale.  As a reminder, all of the artisans we’ll be highlighting conduct ethical business practices, focusing on providing fair wages, safe work environments and more.

Find us on Facebook at @eauclaireglobalmarket, or search for the hashtag #EauClaireGlobalMarket, to stay updated.

Cambodian artist sews bag
Featured: A Cambodian artisan sews a bag for Fair Anita, a MN-based international organization supporting and empowering struggling women.

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