Introducing the Mayamam Weavers!!!

In recent years, the arduous, dangerous journey of many people to the USA from Central America, has been front page news. In the USA, it has been hard to know how to help the plight of individuals so far away. Finally here is a tangible way to help! Check out and purchase from Mayamam Weavers at the Eau Claire Global Market! Mayamam Weavers is an organization from Cajola, Guatemala that provides fair trade wages to 20 women in their community, so they don’t need to leave their families to seek financial security. Mayamam Weavers, formed in 2008,¬†provides their weavers and seamstresses with fair trade wages, business skills, on-site childcare, and adult literacy classes. Buy these beautiful hand made textiles and go home guilt free! Check out the video below that showcases these talented women and their beautiful products! Check out their website for details at

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