Elevat: Connecting the World

Hi, It’s Tiffany, one of the organizers of the Eau Claire Global Market. I’m pretty much breaking all the rules by going to first person, but I’m having a hard time keeping myself out of these posts. Seriously, these organizations are all incredible! Elevat is another ‘new to us’ business joining us this year. Elevat provides sustainable income to talented artisans in 20 different countries. On their website, www.elevatin, has a unique feature where you can search their products by cause. I randomly chose, ‘Orphans and Families’ (what do you choose, when every category is so important?!). The item that immediately struck me was, ‘Syrian Refugee Scarf.’ It’s made by women in a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan. The Syrian refugee experience has been weighing on me heavily. Learning about Elevat, I loved that 100% of the profit goes back to the artisans. It’s nice to know that when I lust over beautiful items, like this scarf, I can actually purchase it and know that I’m actually making difference in the life of someone in need . On November 9th, the world will feel a bit smaller and more connected.

Elevat burgundy+family

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