Are You Cold? Check Out Divas Fair Trade

Divas Fair Trade is a terrific business. The founder and owner, Guisela Pinto, and her family come each year to sell at the Eau Claire Global Market. Guisela’s warm smile matches the beautiful warm items that she sells. Her alpaca mittens and hats are such a hit! Once you get over your obsession with the alpaca items, your eyes will scan the table and you will see the cutest knit hats, brightly decorated gourds, and other items that you didn’t even know that you needed! Divas Fair Trade lets you shop and feel comfortable knowing that you are supporting a business that puts strives for equality and sustainability into every item they sell. Learn more about this marvelous business and their background at divasfairtrade.com69968564_110474843517827_3480962394715110662_n

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