On November 9th, The Eau Claire Global Market Welcomes… Global Mamas


Gmomma2Comfort Amanor has been making beads in collaboration with Global Mamas since we first started incorporating jewelry into our line.  She is known for producing consistently high quality beads and being unafraid of a challenge: even producing the tiny “waist” beads doesn’t waive her upbeat attitude!

In addition to being the main provider for her children and nephews, a notable accomplishment in and of itself, over the years Comfort has saved up enough of her earnings to purchase a plot land.  Becoming a landowner in Ghana, particularly as a woman, is a truly remarkable achievement.


Even with inclusive laws in place to protect the right for women in Ghana to own land, the reality is that barriers remain.  Often a woman’s only claim to the land she relies on for food, income, and shelter is through her relationship to a male relative.  Due to lack of control, she can be easily displaced or exploited.  

Land owners control the resources and therefore bear the social, economic, and political power.  When women have secure rights to land their status improves and they are better able to take care of themselves and their families. Comfort is proud to be a landowner knowing it helps secure the future of her family.

With characteristic determination Comfort is already saving and planning towards her next goal. She looks forward to beginning construction on a new home for her family in coming years.

We are honored to have Comfort as a valued member of our community and are inspired by her accomplishments. Please join us in sending best wishes and CONGRATULATIONS to our Global Mama of the year!

— Courtesy of Global Mamas

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