Consider yourself warned: Don’t miss the 2018 Eau Claire Global Market


There is already one person bemoaning the fact that she’s missing the 2018 Eau Claire Global Market. In addition to hand-woven baskets, saari blankets and one-of-a-kind jewelry, the Eau Claire Global Market can also boast of having for sale, in this nameless patron’s words, “the warmest mittens you’ll ever own.” She isn’t able to attend this year’s event to buy a second pair, and for that, we’re sorry. But for her sake, we’re warning you: Save the date for Saturday, November 10, because you won’t want to miss your chance to shop knit products from Divas Fair Trade (plus 21 other vendors).

Divas Fair Trade items are hand-crafted year-round by hundreds of indigenous women residing in the highlands of both Peru and Bolivia.  This Minnesota-based company abides strictly by Fair Trade principals, paying a fair wage to the hundreds of rural knitters who hand-craft their products. They are committed to social change by providing conscious consumers with an ethically sourced product.

From bags and yoga accessories to winter knitwear, hundreds of Aymara and Quechua women in the highlands of Bolivia and Peru are busy knitting the items that Divas Fair Trade will sell at events like the 2018 Eau Claire Global Market. Don’t miss your chance to support hard-working indigenous women on Saturday, November 10.


Learn more about the 2018 Eau Claire Global Market, including other vendors you can look forward to seeing, by visiting their website:

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